"I am here tracing the History of the Earth itself, from its own Monuments."
— Jean André Deluc
GCS provides well-logging digitization analysis and interpretation services. It gives a valuable report and further high quality services to the customers. GCS cooperates with Production Service Company to develop a semi-depleted oil field, and solve any kinds of geosciences application as well. GCS also offers log search and locate services to the customers. GCS converts the entire hard copy well log data to industry standard interpretation-ready electronic vector formats and offers a more comprehensive range of value-added services to further enhance the quality and value of your data.

GCS’s Log Digitizing and Management group provides you the highest-quality digitizing services. GCS has the greatest digitizing capacity, with long-time, experienced digitizers, and the best turnaround times.

  • Scanning and Digitization: Well logs, Lithology & Tadpole.
  • Depth Registration.
  • Log data editing, Well Log Display (Log Composite and Complex Composite).
Scope of Work

Client wish to convert hard copy well log maps into digital format (LAS). Following steps are required to accomplish the digitization of well logs.

  • Scanning of logs at appropriate resolution in Tiff format. (Ensure good image quality)
  • Transfer the tiff into their respective folders
  • Registration and Calibration in Software
  • Griding (Verifying the depth lines with Grid)
  • Digitization of all Curves as per client’s instructions
  • Capture Well Site Information for each log
  • Editing and Quality Control of all curves
  • Quality Implementation
  • Quality Assurance


  • Generating LAS file as Output
  • Well Log Printing.