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— William A. Foster
Cadastral Mapping/Digitization

GSC has a vast experience in Cadastral Mapping and delivered several maps of different states.

S. No.


Total Cadastral Maps


   Uttar Pradesh



   Madhay Pradesh











Cadastral Mapping Work Flow Structure
Following process is adopted to accomplish the Cadastral Mapping projects.

Map Acquisition and Verification
Maps are acquired from the concern department and verified by our project in-charge for the completeness and correctness of the original maps. Map index is maintained and stored according to standard procedure and nomenclature of storing the data.

Map Scanning
Maps are scanned at precise accuracy and acceptable resolution and verified from authorized personal of client prior to begin the rectification and digitization of desired cadastral maps provided.
Map Digitization
In general, Map digitization (vectorization) process covers spatial (graphics) and non-spatial (Textual or attributes) information. Spatial information covers the entire features in point, line and polygon while non-spatial information covers the related (data about the data) data. Cadastral maps are digitized in respective layers of each spatial feature as Point Layer.shp, Line Layer.shp, and Polygon Layer.shp (For simple and Complex polygons).
Quality check processes are defined to check the erroneous feature and spatially acceptance of the vectorized data to make it topologically correct prior to attach the RoR data to the respective entities (features).

RoR (Record of Rights) Data Entry
RoR data is stored manually against the each parcel numbers in tabular format. Parcel Number is a unique id of each parcel to link all related information to the specific parcel digitized in above process.
RoR Data Linking with Digitized Parcel Number

Digitized Map and RoR data linked (relate) with each other by unique id exists in spatial and non-spatial data.
Final Data Verification (Quality Assurance)

Linked data is verified for spatial and non-spatial consistency and connectivity.

Map Submission

Final Maps are submitted to the client for approval. If any error comes in client check process then it is rectified in the final map and submitted again for final approval and acceptance. Maps are submitted in a group of village/tehsil/block as per client requirement.

Database Creation

Accepted maps are mosaiced with the adjacent maps thru edge matching process to make it as a single database at district/state level. A softcopy of seamless data is delivered to concern department/organization



Project includes the following activities to cover up the entire survey for Power Consuming Database.

  • Asset Mapping
  • Base Map Digitzation
  • Landbase Updation
  • Substation Survey
  • Consumer Indexing
  • Data Integration

Satellite images are utilized to create Landbase updation


Consumer Data Entry for APDRP Project

Project needs the skills to be applied to compile the database of survey data for completeness of entire program of APDRP project.


Data Entry of POI Survey

Project explains the importance of POI Survey data complied which includes the market data where shop Number, type of shop, Phone no, address like city and area name was picked up from the survey team. The same data was supposed to get entered into the spread sheet having unique no to every shop. Finally this data will integrated with spatial information of the area of interest.

Updation of Topographic Data using various sources including High Resolution Images

The project scope involves capturing topographical information from 1: 50000 NTS tiles and conforming to SOI standards. The project has stringent quality standards in spatial and non-spatial accuracy. This data needs to update from various sources like demarcation of field information, landuse changes from recent satellite images of the desired region.


Capturing of Landbase Data Using High Resolution Images

This project we carried out to create the landbase data for the specific need of the project. Those features includes different themes Roads, Buildings, Parks, Hydrology features, Vegetation etc. from the high resolution satellite image with all the necessary specifications.