"One cannot teach a man anything. One can only enable him to learn from within himself."
— Galileo Galilei
Skilled Resources and Consultants
GCS provides skilled resources and experienced consultants in the field of GIS, Remote Sensing and Geosciences domains especially in Mining sector.

The skilled resources of GCS having in-depth knowledge of their domains add the necessary muscle to implement projects on a time bound and quality oriented fashion.

Our consultants are Geo-Applications professionals with a rich and varied experience and who can be deployed onsite as and when required to provide the solutions based on the specific key needs.
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GIS Training
The training module of GCS has been prepared keeping in mind the global GIS industry standards and real world project implementation issues faced by users. The basic and conceptual training leads to the formation of a GIS Professional ready to take on the challenges of today's GIS environment. Furthermore, the project based training of GCS (with remuneration) moulds the trainee into a overall confident GIS professional.

The need for IT consultants with a strong GIS knowledge is ever growing due to the unique IT related challenges faced by the GIS community. This calls for a project based training by highly experienced behemoths in GIS to better prepare IT programmers for the industry.GCS is one of the few providers of a solutions oriented training programme for IT professionals who wish to make it big in the GIS industry.
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