"There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives. "
— Josephine Hart

In the field of Geosciences, GCS covers a wide range of applications such as preparing of thematic and derived maps and Data Updation through different sources. This ultimately reflects in high quality spatial and non-spatial information which can be used as input in high-end results of desired applications.

GCS’s provides you the highest-quality capacity, with long-term services, domain expertise and the best turnaround times.

  • Maps – All Forms of Geo-applications (Hardcopy or Scanned)
  • Remote Sensing Application for landuse classification and Updation
  • Utility Maps – Water and Gas Network
  • Cadastral Maps

Scope of Work
The conversion of Cadastral Maps, Utility Maps, Topographic Maps, Geological Maps, Geophysical Maps, Geotechnical Plans, and Mining Maps in the digital format requires the following digitization processes:

  • Scanning of Analogue maps, Geo-domain, at appropriate resolution in Tiff format. (To ensure high resolution image)
  • Satellite Images for interpretation and landuse classification and
  • Georeferencing of Scanned maps
  • Digitization of all features as per client’s requirements
  • Editing and Quality Control of all digitized maps
  • Quality Implementation
  • Quality Assurance

The final product in the form of high quality digitised maps can be delivered in the following formats as per the client’s requirements:

  • Digitized Maps Output in vector format (dwg, dxf, e00, shp, kml etc.)

Additional Process Components

  • Seamless data preparation of desired area
  • Geodatabase management for entire data
  • Map Compositions