"Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you're ready or not, to put this plan into action."
— Napolean Hill
GCS is managed and operated by top notch GIS and Geosciences professionals in the industry which includes expertise from premier technical educational institutes such as IITs and NITs.

Our expertise in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing is appreciated worldwide in the industry. We can provide solutions right from information extraction from multi and hyper spectral optical data and also microwave data for a variety of earth resources applications. These include mineral exploration, land cover mapping, military target recognition, water resources management etc. As we believe in generating quality products, our strong field based services complement the remote sensing and GIS based Desktop services thereby providing efficient ground truth and validation services.

We have experience in mining surveys through integrated use of remote sensing, GIS and field based surveys, which include structural and alteration mapping, mineral mapping, and Mining plan. We also support our clients in EIA services for Natural Resources and Real Estate sector.

Our strength lies in innovative ways to optimize human resources and technologies, operating intelligences and the efficiency and quality of the finished works, with cost-effective solutions. Our strong commitment to honor customer’s needs and their expectations with integrity make us different from others.

Our truly multi-disciplinary highly skilled resource is entrusted to acquire, integrate and analyze both spatial and non-spatial information from a variety of sources, and provide optimum solutions and precise information for desired application.

We select our resources on basis of on their qualification, experience, interpersonal skills, motivation factor etc. We always try to get the talented candidates for a specific project.

We believe that each and every member of our organization is a valuable asset for us as they utilize their intellectual skills and their valuable efforts/time to achieve the project targets which give the unique identity for our organization in the market’s cut throat competition.

We feel proud to be part of this industry to serve you with a wide range of services in GIS and Geosciences domains and strive to continuously update ourselves to provide you with the very best of services.